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27 Apr

While we were sitting by the pool in Coachella we could see the white tops of mountains near by, so we of course had to go and explore. Not too far away in Idyllwild, we found white all around us! I felt like I was inside a Christmas card.



2 Apr

We started off Sunday pretty late, but we were able to explore some new places downtown and had quite the day.

one / Novel Cafe
two / Japan Arcade
three / Beard Papa’s
four / Wurstk├╝che


2 Apr

If you’re ever looking for a fresh, organic meal, head on over to Urth Cafe and they’ll take care of you! You might feel like you’ve headed in the wrong direction, but worry not Urth Cafe is there…nestled between old factory buildings, well new shiny lofts. Once you find it don’t be overwhelmed with the crowds or pushy waiters taking your order. Granted you might receive your food before your drinks, don’t worry its worth the wait. I had been craving a smoothie and once I finally had it, I was in heaven.

Some definite favorites, poached eggs on brioche with prosciutto, spinach & feta omelet, and the egg sandwich.

Urth Caffe
451 S Hewitt Street
Los Angeles, CA


2 Apr

If you’re ever looking for a a bit of history, but also love a good dive bar, head on over to The Frolic Room. Situated right next to The Pantages Theatre, this bar has been around since the 1930’s. The quarky wallpaper, awesome lights and laid back atmosphere always make for a good time.

The Frolic Room
6245 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90028


14 Mar

I’ve been wanting to make this for awhile, I was just waiting for a reason. I decided to send a friend a giant bag for her birthday, what a better treat than a bag full of cake batter smelling popcorn on your special day?

Get the recipe here


14 Mar

The show was just a crazy dance party, it was perfect.

If you haven’t listened, check it out here


8 Feb

I love the simplicity of these leather bow cuffs by Leif.

::get one::

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